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Food bank needs exacerbated by loss of cleaning jobs

National News // May 19, 2020

Only 20% of people who employ cleaners or home help have continued to pay their workers during the lockdown – exacerbating the need for emergency food banks. 

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash Food bank needs exacerbated by loss of cleaning jobs

Support groups for low pay and undocumented workers say they’ve been speaking to those seeking help and found many lost their income overnight. One worker told them she’d been sacked by text message. 

Many had bosses who work for international organizations, banks and even several diplomatic missions. 

But support groups acknowledge some employers have also been hit by the downturn and are having trouble paying their own bills. 

Silvana Mastromatteo, head of Solidarity Caravan which organizes the Geneva food bank, says many work for the hospitality industry and their employers now have no income. 


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