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Latest figures show sharp fall in daily infections

National News // May 18, 2020

The latest figures from the Federal Health Office are showing a sharp fall in daily infections – yesterday only 15 people were confirmed to be suffering from the coronavirus. 

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash Latest figures show sharp fall in daily infections

The health office says the figures are taken from the cantons, which can be delayed. But the trend is still down. 

The government could inject more cash into the unemployment system and speed up public infrastructure projects in an effort to make sure the economy picks up quickly when all restrictions are lifted.

The economics minister, Guy Parmelin, says the final decision will be made at the next Federal Council meeting. He’s warning failure to help the economy would mean a cut in purchasing power. 

Unemployment is already at 3.3% and is expected to rise to 4.1% according to the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs. 

But the Swiss National Bank is becoming uneasy about the amount of money being made available. 

One of the governing board members, Andréa Mächler, says much more would be counter to monetary policy. She told the NZZ newspaper she couldn’t imagine more than CHF 4bn being made available to the government. The central bank reported a surplus of CHF 49bn last year. 


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