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Commuter queues form as some borders reopen

National News // May 12, 2020

The Customs Administration says it hopes border queues will improve over the next few days. A spokeswoman for the office says although traffic was heavy yesterday as more people went to work, traffic was still 10% lower than before the crises. 

Photo by Daniela Turcanu on Unsplash Commuter queues form as some borders reopen

Still, many commuters complained of waits of more than a hour. 

It’s hoped many cross-border workers will start to use crossings that had been closed but are now open. The office urges commuters to check crossing opening times to see if they can be used. 

Although the crossings are manned, guards are not checking every vehicle – but instead using a risk-based criterion. 

Around Geneva, one of the busiest border zones in the country, 17 crossings out of 34 are open – at least partially. 


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