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Uncertainty over reopening of swimming pools

National News // May 11, 2020

While we may be able to do a few more things from today, there is still uncertainty over when we may be able to use the swimming pools. 

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash Uncertainty over reopening of swimming pools

At this time of year, all the pools would normally be open. There are hopes they will open at the beginning of June – but that’s not certain, and some cantons, like Geneva, are simply saying the pools will be closed until further notice. 

Even if they do open, there will likely be restrictions on how many people can be there at the same time and how many in the changing rooms. The Swimming Pool Association of French and Italian speaking Switzerland is drawing up pages of possible new regulations. 

The head of sports in Geneva, Frédéric Renevey, says there could also be a danger of not opening pools – many may choose to swim in the Rhone, which is dangerous in itself. 


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