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Geneva and Annemasse officials meet at border in 'cold war' like scene

National News // May 8, 2020

In a scene which the press likened to a cold war prisoner swap, officials from canton Geneva and the neighbouring French town of Annemasse met across a concrete bollard which signifies the closure of the border between the two countries at Pierre-à-Bochet.

Photo by elizabeth lies on Unsplash Geneva and Annemasse officials meet at border in 'cold war' like scene

The president of Geneva, Antonio Hodgers, and the head of the Annemasse region, Christian Dupessey, met on each side of the line.

Both are calling for the reopening of the borders and have written to their respective counterparts in Bern and Paris. They say the Geneva/French border is exceptional.

Both men say they’re concerned about queues after Monday. While at slightly different rates, France and Switzerland will be partly reopening next week and more people will need to cross the border. 

Hodgers says the realities of the border is not people taking a trip abroad – but to commute, go to school and see families. 

The Federal Customs Administration is suggesting some of the borders that are currently closed could reopen for Monday with lighter checks. This would be across the country and not specific for Geneva. 


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