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Crime has dropped considerably since lockdown began

National News // May 7, 2020

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a number of crimes has dropped considerably since the lockdown came into force. 

Photo by Maria Ziegler on Unsplash Crime has dropped considerably since lockdown began

In canton Geneva, the police say burglaries are down 40% overall – as much as 90% for apartments. A spokesman says the reason is, everyone is at home. Even premises that may be empty are being watched over by neighbors. Police are stressing that’s the reason – not the closure of the borders which seems to be a common theory. 

But empty shops are vulnerable – with a drop in break-ins of only around 12%. 

With fewer people on the streets, pickpockets are having a bad time with reports down 83%. 

With fewer cars on the roads, accidents are down 75% on the same period last year. 

But there is one issue which is a bigger problem – noise complaints. Mainly children, loud music and drills, say the police, 


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