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Zurich police accused of arresting journalist on behalf of Thai King

National News // April 9, 2020

Zurich police is being accused of acting as a unit of the Thai security forces. 

Pixabay Zurich police accused of arresting journalist on behalf of Thai King

67-year-old King Vajiralongkorn regularly travels from Bangkok to Zurich with his several wives. He arrived yesterday at a virtually deserted Zurich airport.

In his home country, news of his trips is kept out of the press – but a Swiss photographer who works for the German paper ‘Bild’ and the Swiss tabloid ‘Blick’ was at the airport and snapped pictures of the King’s plane. 

He was then approached by Zurich police officers who handcuffed him, despite identifying himself as an accredited journalist. He was later interviewed and he told the Blick newspaper the police admitted his arrest was triggered by a call from the Thai King’s security detail. 

He was released without charge – but not before the police trawled through his pictures to make sure there were none of the King himself.

Zurich police are refusing to comment except to admit a media representative was arrested. 

You can see the video here.




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