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Geneva Airport sees 97% fewer flights

National News // March 25, 2020

Passenger flights from Geneva Airport have slumped by 97 %. 

Pixabay Geneva Airport sees 97% fewer flights

Only 26 out of a normal 500 flights operated from the Swiss-French border airport yesterday. 

The management of Helvetic Airways has decided to temporarily ground its fleet of airplanes, immediately. 

The company has been hit by the scale down of flights by Swiss - who lease Helvetic planes and crews on certain routes. 

450 employees have been put on short-term work allowance - funded by the government. 


… the first aircraft as part of the operation to return Swiss nationals landed at Zurich yesterday afternoon. 

The plane had taken off from San José in Costa Rica. 

Those who’ve returned must now spend 10 days in quarantine. 

Further flights are expected today and tomorrow. 

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