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US family implicated in opioid crises comes to Switzerland

National News // Feb. 20, 2020

The family which is described as the most hated in the United States is in canton Bern. 

Pixabay US family implicated in opioid crises comes to Switzerland

The Sackler family is being blamed for thousands of deaths due to opioid addiction.

Their pharmaceutical company, Purdue Pharma, marketed the drug OxyContin. But many say it failed to highlight the drug’s addictive properties. OxyContin is the trade name of the opiate oxycodone. It’s thought use of the drug is behind the massive opioid abuse which has led to President Trump calling it a ‘national emergency’. 

The Sackler family made billions from the sale of OxyContin, which is twice as powerful as morphine. 

They own two chalets in the upmarket resort of Gstaad and it’s being reported Mortimer and Jacqueline Sackler have moved from New York to Switzerland. Although the spokesperson for the family says they are spending the winter in Switzerland and will be returning to the US in the near future.

The firm’s founder, also called Mortimer, died in Gstaad in 2010 aged 93. His third wife Theresa still lives there. 

The family is facing 2,000 lawsuits in the US and the New York prosecutors’ office say they’ve moved hundreds of millions of dollars to offshore accounts – many of which are in Switzerland. 



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