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Switzerland debates lowering autoroute speed limit

National News // Feb. 14, 2020

There are calls for Switzerland to follow the lead of the Netherlands and bring in a day time speed limit on all autoroutes.

Pixabay Switzerland debates lowering autoroute speed limit

From March 12th, the Netherlands will enforce a 100 kph limit on its roads from 6am to 7pm.

The Traffic Club of Switzerland – which aims to promote ecological travel – says it’s a good idea as a limit is the best way to cut emissions the fastest. They also say it will cut congestion as traffic flows better at lower speed and drivers will still arrive at the same time.

The Federal Roads Office agrees that lower speeds cuts congestion and says a limit of 80 works best.

But the motoring organization the TCS says the focus should be on car pooling and technological advances.

And an FDP Liberal Party MP says the limit should be raised to 130 like neighboring countries. Christian Wasserfallen calls a limit of 100 ‘nonsense’.

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