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Swiss tech company accused of enabling 'intelligence coup of the century'

National News // Feb. 12, 2020

The reputation of a Swiss technology company is being crushed after allegations it allowed the US, UK, Germany and other countries to crack its encryption codes.

Pixabay Swiss tech company accused of enabling 'intelligence coup of the century'

It’s also claimed the Swiss government was aware of the issues from the start.

The Zug based Crypto supplied secure communications equipment to governments across the world – and has done since the Cold War.

It’s been revealed there were hidden vulnerabilities deliberately inserted in the algorithms which meant messages could be read by the CIA, the German intelligence service and MI6.

Revelations by the Washington Post and the German broadcaster ZDF say the cracking of the codes was the ‘intelligence coup of the century’.

The equipment was sold to Egypt, Iran, Argentina and other countries.

The company was sold off in two parts in January last year. A Swedish entrepreneur bought the foreign arm. Andreas Linde says he feels betrayed at the revelations.

The news may explain why the US is so exercised about Chinese equipment being used in Western telecommunications infrastructure – as it knows firsthand how to exploit the technology.

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