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Voters agree to gay rights and say no to social housing

National News // Feb. 10, 2020

Swiss voters have roundly supported a new law to protect the rights of the LGBT community.

63% of voters agreed to include sexual orientation in the law which already exists to protect people from race and religious discrimination.

Only three cantons voted against – all in the central and most conservative parts of the country.

The strongest support came from the French speaking cantons.

The result will boost the chances for legalizing same sex marriage – which is due to be discussed in parliament next month.



Pixabay Voters agree to gay rights and say no to social housing

In the other national vote, the idea to protect 10% of all new housing to be listed as affordable was rejected by 57% - and a clear majority of the cantons.

Opponents of the move say the plan was too restrictive and highly bureaucratic.

While the government was recommending to reject the initiative, there is an acceptance there are problems.

There will now be an injection of money into a fund which helps housing cooperatives Parliament had already agreed to the extra money – but only if the vote failed.

At a post vote press conference, the Economics Minister Guy Parmelin, says the result shows the people have confidence the free market was generally working.


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