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Black Friday scams to be aware of

National News // Nov. 29, 2019

Today is Black Friday.

Pixabay Black Friday scams to be aware of

The traditional start of the Christmas shopping season in the US – the day after Thanksgiving. The term has been familiar to Americans since 1952 – but it’s the internet age that’s making it a global phenomenon.

In Switzerland around half a billion francs is expected to be spent today. But its not necessarily money that would not have been spent anyway. Retail experts say many customers have been holding off waiting for the deals starting today. 

But shoppers should be careful, some bargains are not what they seem. An analysis by the Blick newspaper shows some goods have been available for sometime at low prices and the Black Friday discount maybe only a few francs. 

Also, signs making claims like ‘70% off’ relates to the full sticker price – which almost no retailer charges in this competitive market anyway. 


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