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Lauterbrunnen Airbnb 'goldmine'

National News // Sept. 5, 2019

The picturesque village of Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland is being described as an Airbnb goldmine – each property is generating over CHF 36,000 a year on average. Nearby Grindelwald and Interlaken are close behind.

pixabay Lauterbrunnen Airbnb 'goldmine'

Compare that with Zurich at CHF 8,600.

Unlike the cities, Airbnb in the Oberland is not being blamed for creating a shortage of rental properties for residents. But there are concerns about the collection of the tourist tax.

The problem is the highly federalized structure in Switzerland. Each small village in the Oberland sets its own tax. That seems too complex for the Californian based platform to handle. It has agreed to collect and distribute the tax for the cities, such as Zurich and Basel.

The mayor of Lauterbrunnen says on the whole, the landlords are good at paying the tax on the rentals. But still the commune is losing potential revenue.

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