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Worries wolves are less fearful of humans

National News // Sept. 4, 2019

Farmers are becoming worried wolves are no longer fearful of humans after two goats were killed and eaten in the middle of the day.

pixabay Worries wolves are less fearful of humans

Yesterday, just above the Valais border town of St Gingolph, locals say they let the goats out at 7am – by 3pm two had been killed, close to a chalet.

Such an attack near buildings and during the day is very unusual.

In another example, a local shepherd says he was checking on his flock overnight and spotted two wolves with a flashlight. In the past they would have fled immediately. He told the local press they stayed for a while before wandering off.  He describes that behavior as worrying.

But a biologist with canton Valais says we shouldn’t be too worried. It’s to be expected there will be more attacks as there are more wolves.


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