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JTI cuts Geneva jobs due to new smoking technology

National News // Sept. 4, 2019

Japan Tobacco International says it will be cutting about 25% of its staff at its Geneva HQ over the next three years.

pixabay JTI cuts Geneva jobs due to new smoking technology

The company confirmed the cuts after press reports.

Over 250 jobs will go – some of the posts will be relocated to Asia and eastern Europe.

The cuts are part of a worldwide programme. In all nearly 4,000 workers out of a total of 45,000 will go.

Although Japan is one of the most smoking friendly countries in the developed world, JTI is being hit hard by the rise of heated tobacco products, especially Philip Morris’s IQOS system, in its home market. Some figures suggest almost 20% of former cigarette smokers have switched to IQOS in Japan.

The system - which was developed in Switzerland - is also gaining ground in many other countries.

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