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Swiss gun laws to be tightened after public vote

National News // May 20, 2019

Two thirds of Swiss voters have backed a proposal to tighten gun laws in the country to bring it in line with European Union regulations.

pixabay Swiss gun laws to be tightened after public vote

Almost 64% of voters in yesterday's referendum supported tougher restrictions on semi-automatic and automatic weapons. Voters in the canton of Ticino were the only ones to reject the legal amendment.

Nearly 48% of Swiss households own a gun - among the highest rates of private ownership in Europe.

The EU had urged Switzerland to tighten its laws in line with rules they adopted following the 2015 Paris terror attacks.

The rules restrict semi-automatic and automatic rifles and make it easier to track weapons in national databases. The use of standard-issue guns for former militia army members will not be affected.





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