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No Swiss detectives sent to examine Panama Papers

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Jan. 28, 2019

Switzerland has not sent any financial detectives to Germany to examine the leaked Panama Papers.

Pixabay No Swiss detectives sent to examine Panama Papers

According to yesterday’s SonntagsZeitung, German authorities invited countries to send teams to look at the papers to determine if there are any crimes that should be prosecuted. So far 16 countries have taken up the offer – but not Switzerland.

The papers allegedly show details how the wealthy avoided tax using shell companies and complicated legal structures. They were leaked to investigative journalists in 2015.

The papers show that more than a thousand Swiss lawyers and financial advisors were involved with setting up offshore funds.

Swiss prosecutors say there are legal restrictions on how they can use the evidence. But one Swiss lawyer says there are few limits on how authorities can use information leaked by individuals.

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