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Man in court accused to blackmailing women for sex

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Dec. 7, 2018

A man is in court in Vevey in Vaud accused of blackmailing women to have sex with him and give him money.

Pixabay Man in court accused to blackmailing women for sex

 He faces a lengthy jail term – and then deportation.

Two women testified they became friends on Facebook and started to send him nude pictures of themselves – even before meeting him.

One said they slept together the first time they met and was later forced to give him over a thousand francs. She told the court she thought that would stop the man for asking for more sex.

The man threatened the women by suggesting he would release intimate pictures and videos. He told the court he didn’t realize it was so serious.

Prosecutors are demanding a 7-year prison sentence followed by deportation. The man is a Portuguese national.



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