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Swiss Votes: How the country voted on Sunday

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Nov. 26, 2018

Voters have decidedly rejected plans to put Swiss law ahead of international treaties.

Pixabay Swiss Votes: How the country voted on Sunday

The initiative, dubbed Swiss Law First, put forward by the right wing Swiss People’s Party was crushed by voters – 66% and all the cantons said ‘no’.

The result is being hailed as a victory by business and human rights groups. Economie Suisse says it shows the people value an open economy and Amnesty International says it’s a commitment to human rights protection.

The Swiss People’s Party says it’s disappointed and criticized the campaign – calling it ‘slanderous’.


But in not such good news for cows and goats – voters decided there will be no extra subsidies for farmers who refuse to de-horn the animals.

The initiative was launched by a farmer, Armin Capaul. He is disappointed, saying the Swiss will have to explain to the whole world why they de-horn their national animal.

54% of voters rejected the move. But there was praise from outgoing federal councilor Johan Schneider-Amman who says the debate was important and it shows how anyone can launch a vote.


And voters have decided it will be okay for insurance companies to spy on claimants to cut down on fraud.

The people backed the government’s plan to allow private detectives to keep track on beneficiaries who are suspected of cheating.

64% agreed – as did all the cantons except Geneva and Jura. Although a cantonal majority was not required in this case.

The government was forced to bring in a new law after previous practices were criticized by the European Court of Human Rights. The move was challenged by protestors who forced it to a referendum.

The new law will come into force in 2020.




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