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Future of injured golden eagle splits country

National News // Aug. 22, 2018

The fate of a wounded Golden Eagle is splitting the country. Seven weeks ago, the year-old bird was found with a broken wing in Laax in Graubünden. The wing was fixed by vets in Zurich and the bird is recovering at an aviary.

pixabay Future of injured golden eagle splits country

But the keepers at the aviary are warning if the bird fails to make a full recovery it will have be euthanized as it would be cruel to keep a wild animal in captivity for the rest of its life.

But an owner of a sanctuary in Bardonnex in Geneva strongly disagrees and says the bird could have a happy life even if it can’t fly again – and is offering it a home if needed.

The dispute seems to split along linguistic lines. Those in the German speaking areas agree the bird has to recover, while the Romandie are urging for it to be saved.

The ultimate fate of the bird remains unclear. At the moment, it’s being allowed to recover.



Tags: geneva, eagle, animals

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