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Farmers call for government heatwave help

National News // Aug. 6, 2018

Farmers are calling on the government to help as the ongoing heatwave is causing crops to fail and livestock lack water.

Pixnio Farmers call for government heatwave help

The head of the Swiss Farmers Union, Jacques Bourgeois, says the harvest of potatoes, corn and sugar beet will be down this year and there’s not enough water for grazing cattle.

He says farmers may be forced to start using silage now for feed – meaning there won’t be enough for the winter. He’s calling on the government to lift customs duties on imported silage and be more flexible towards repayments farmers have to make for investment credit.

He also says the price of some basic foodstuffs, such as milk, should be raised.

Some cantons are already using army helicopters to delver fresh water to the mountains.

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