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Tech giants are taxed sufficiently in Switzerland says Minister

National News // April 16, 2018

The Swiss Finance Minister, Ueli Maurer says the tech giants which have offices in the country are already sufficiently taxed and should not be hit again. He was speaking to Swiss television over the weekend.

pixabay Tech giants are taxed sufficiently in Switzerland says Minister

How and where companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook, should be taxed is a taxing issue. Suggestions such as a 3% charge on profits has been rejected by the minister – saying they are already paying enough.

Facebook was also in the press over the weekend. The SonntagsZeitung newspaper says the social media site regularly rejects requests from Swiss authorities for user details, such as email and IP addresses.

The problem is mainly jurisdictional. Facebook reject requests for information if the alleged offense wouldn’t be a problem in the United States. Postings which could be considered hate speech may be protected by freedom of speech laws in the US.

253 requests out of 361 have been turned down over the past five years.


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