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Graubünden to help deer and wild goats with food

National News // Jan. 26, 2018

Wildlife authorities in Graubünden are to help the resident herds of deer and wild goats.

Cash4alex Graubünden to help deer and wild goats with food

The recent heavy snowfall means the animals are now having trouble finding enough to eat. The snow is too deep for them to wander widely and forage easily. It’s the younger animals that are the most threatened as they lack the fat reserves to handle a hard winter.

Cantonal gamekeepers will be leaving hay.

Normally feeding wild animals is strictly forbidden and only the canton can decide if food is to be left out. But this is being described as an exceptional winter.

But don’t think this is about the animals. The move is to make sure there is a plentiful supply for the hunting season. Last autumn, 14,000 deer and wild goats were shot in Graubünden. 

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