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Zurich tram driver videos himself speeding

National News // Oct. 13, 2017

A Zurich tram driver is could lose his tram licence after videoing himself driving his tram at more than 10 kph over the 50 limit.

Stefan Baguette Zurich tram driver videos himself speeding

The video seems to have been taken in the early morning – perhaps when the tram had just left the depot and heading for its first stop of the day.

The clip was sent to the 20 Minutes newspaper. The driver says the speeding was in protest at working conditions at Zurich public transport.

Managers say the excess speed was dangerous - and also the fact the driver was using his phone means he was distracted,

Trams are regulated by the Federal Transport office which will now decide if the driver can keep his job. 

Tags: speeding, Zurich, tram

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