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Minority of drivers keep to speed limits

National News // Aug. 25, 2017

A survey by BFU, the Swiss Accident Prevention Office, has shown that only 21% of motorists keep to speed limits.


Pixabay Minority of drivers keep to speed limits

41% stated that they occasionally drive too fast on the motorway and 30% reported they frequently exceed the limit.

Roland Allenbach, Head of research at bfu speculated that this may be because drivers don’t view offhand minor transgressions as threatening to others, despite speeding being one of the main reasons for serious traffic accidents.

In terms of drunk driving, the motorists understood the risks better, with 65% saying they would never take to the road after two or more drinks. The remaining 25% specified they would ‘rarely’ drink and drive.

Although the survey was conducted with a small sample size of around 2200 drivers in Switzerland, it still does prompt concern about the standards of safe driving in this country.


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