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Trucks spill chickens and beer on Swiss autoroutes

National News // Aug. 10, 2017

Over 400 chickens were killed when a truck carrying over 4,000 birds tipped over and slid down the autoroute near Payerne in Vaud yesterday morning.

Max Pixel Trucks spill chickens and beer on Swiss autoroutes

The cantonal vet ordered the other birds destroyed immediately to save them from additional stress.

Police say the vehicle drifted, hit a barrier and then fell on its side. The accident led to the road being closed for 5 hours in the Bern direction.

Elsewhere on the roads…

A truck lost over 100 bottles of beer on the autoroute heading out of Chur in Graubünden yesterday afternoon.

Crews had to clean up broken glass, plastic crates and wash off gallons of beer from the road, which had to be closed for hours.

It’s not clear why the truck shed its load – police say they’re investigating. 

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