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Police seize cannabis cigarettes from Ticino supermarkets

National News // July 14, 2017

Cigarettes containing cannabis products have been seized from the shelves of three Coop supermarkets in the canton of Ticino. 

Pixabay Police seize cannabis cigarettes from Ticino supermarkets

Police say that the Coop doesn’t have permission to sell the controversial cigarettes, which have been for sale for a few days.

The cigarettes are already sold in several small shops and kiosks throughout the country but the Coop is the first supermarket to stock them. It was announced this week that the cigarettes will soon be available in Coops throughout the country.

The cigarettes contain small amounts of the cannabis product CBD, which is low in the psychoactive substance THC. Cantonal police say that even though the cigarettes contain less than 1% THC, permission is still needed to sell them in Ticino.

The Coop says it was unaware of what it calls a ‘peculiarity’ in the canton regarding permission. Even if the Federal Office of Public Health authorizes the sale, individual cantons can introduce their own regulations. 



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