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Basel police under fire for teenage arrest

National News // June 29, 2017

Basel police are being criticized for a heavy handed approach to a troublesome teenager.

Pixabay Basel police under fire for teenage arrest

The 14 year old girl has a record of being difficult at school and taking alcohol onto the premises. She was eventually expelled and sent to a young offenders unit.

But she escaped and went back home to her mother.

Police raided her home at 6.30 in the morning. The girl hid in the bathroom. The police smashed the door and several of them held her down and handcuffed her. She was also subjected to an intimate body search.

The mother also complained the police wanted to handcuff her.

The police say officers are trained to use the same arrest procedure, irrespective of age or gender.

The mother has told the Basler Zeitung newspaper they expect an apology from the police. The girl is now back home after a stint in a secure youth unit in Sankt Gallen. 

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