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Several speeders caught and face criminal charges

National News // June 27, 2017

Maybe it’s the sun, but a series of speeders were all caught yesterday.

Pixabay Several speeders caught and face criminal charges

A 21 year old man faces jail after being caught driving at 142 kph in a 50 zone in canton Sankt Gallen.

The man was driving a friend’s Audi S5 in an industrial zone in Oberriet. The section of road has a reputation for speeding.

The driver was visiting Switzerland from Kosovo and had borrowed the car.

But he wasn’t the only excessive speeder to be caught yesterday. A 50 year old Italian driver was arrested after being clocked at 106 kph in a 50 in Büttikon in canton Aargau and a Swiss driver was caught in his Porsche at 154 kph in Suhr, also in Aargau.

All the drivers face criminal charges as well as immediate driving bans. 

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