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Zurich rules Uber is illegal

National News // June 16, 2017

The Zurich cantonal government has confirmed Uber is operating illegally in the canton. Drivers do need to have a taxi licence and also the cars should have tachographs fitted to show speed and how long the driver has been working.

Uber Zurich rules Uber is illegal

Uber counters the rates being charged are so low it can’t be the sole income for the driver – so they can’t be professional.

But the canton disagrees. Uber drivers face a CHF 10,000 fine if caught and if they lie to the police by suggesting the passenger is a friend – then that could mean three years in jail.

There are also insurance problems – one company SUVA says the drivers are working and so need additional cover.

Despite the legal problems – which can differ from canton to canton – the company is still growing in Switzerland and has 177,000 users in the French speaking cantons alone. 

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