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Swiss mountain village bans picture taking

National News // May 31, 2017

A village in canton Graubünden has banned visitors from taking pictures in public spaces – or face a five franc fine.

The head of the commune of Bergün, 54 year old Peter Nicolay, told the Blick newspaper it’s been proven that people posting pictures of their vacations make others unhappy.

WWW.BERGUEN-FILISUR.CH Swiss mountain village bans picture taking

Bergün is in the heart of the Albula valley and is noted for its spectacular views.

But others see the ban for what it is – and claim it’s an abuse of law.

It’s a PR stunt by the commune who hope people will come and see its beauty in person. But the law was passed and it is real.

However, it’s not completely restrictive. Local resident are exempted as are people who may be in town for a wedding. The law allows them to snap away freely. 

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