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Families evicted from homes in Geneva with no notice

National News // May 10, 2017

Eleven families have been evicted from their homes in Geneva without warning. They were subletting apartments through an intermediary – which had stopped paying rent to the building’s owner at the end of last year – but the tenants were up to date with their payments.

google Families evicted from homes in Geneva with no notice

Subletting is common in Geneva – where a tenant pays rent to someone who has the lease. That person is supposed to pay the landlord.

The building on the Rue de Lyon is known for housing many transient families and there’s a high turnover of tenants.

 The families found themselves on the street with their belongings after bailiffs told them to leave and changed the locks.

But new accommodation was found for many. A respectable agency took over the leases and one family was able to move back in under a new contract – and even ended up paying CHF 200 a month less than before. 

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