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Texting and cycling a growing problem

National News // April 20, 2017

Drivers know using a phone at the wheel is dangerous and illegal – but there’s a growing problem with cyclists who are texting and riding.

Paul Sableman Texting and cycling a growing problem

The insurance company Axa says half of accidents involving cyclists are the fault of the rider – and using a phone is becoming the most likely cause.

Although using a phone while riding a bike is illegal – it’s very unlikely a cyclist will face a fine.

Geneva police say it’s hard to track down cyclists as they can escape easily and there’s no registration number.

Figures from the Accident Prevention Bureau says seven cyclists died on Swiss roads in 2015 because of inattention.

There’s also a growing problem of drunk riders. Under Swiss law, a cyclist caught riding drunk could also lose their driving licence if they have one. 

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