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Tenant in custody after apartment fire

National News // March 3, 2017

A tenant who was injured when her apartment blew up last month is now in detention as police suspect she may have started the fire deliberately.

B. Rossi Tenant in custody after apartment fire

The flat near Plainpalais in Geneva was destroyed on the 21st February.

Police are describing the 42 year old woman as a drug addict and say she’s been in dispute with her landlord for several years. The landlord says she’s made threats before to burn down the flat.

Also, the tenant has recently been served a deportation order – which should have been carried out in January.

The apartment exploded last month. Police suspect a gas bottle caught fire.

The tenant says she fell asleep with a lit candle that started the fire. Her defence lawyer says there’s no truth in the theory she started the fire deliberately.


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