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Man clings to roof of stolen car

National News // Jan. 6, 2017

A car owner, identified only as Osama, held on to the roof of his own car while it was being driven at 130 kph on the autoroute near Oyonnax in France on Sunday night.

Arnaud Lambert Man clings to roof of stolen car

Osama was in a shop when he saw a thief climb into his Renault Clio and start to drive away. Osama jumped onto the roof and held on. The thief took the car onto the autoroute and quickly accelerated to 130. Osama managed to call the police while still holding on to the roof. The thief was swerving to try to throw him off.

The police joined the high speed drama – one officer pulled his gun, but didn’t fire.

Osama managed to jump to safety when the car slowed on exiting the autoroute. The thief was arrested. 

Tags: france, thief, car

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