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Speed check police officers caught parking illegally in Lausanne

Local News // Aug. 30, 2016
Speed check police officers caught parking illegally in Lausanne

Police officers have been caught parking illegally in Lausanne as they tried to flash speeding drivers.

A resident of chemin d'Entre-Boi, which is a 30km/h zone, posted a picture of the offending vehicle on facebook, stating that ‘the Road Traffic Act does not appear to apply to police.'

Spokesman for the municipal police, Raphaël Pomey, confirmed to the newspaper, 20 Minutes, that the vehicle was parked there between 7.40am and 8.20pm on August 24.

He said; "there was a weighing of interests between safety and making a moderate offence, as the zone was near a school and day care centre."

The cantonal police have just launched their speed prevention campaign for the new school year and officers managed to catch seven speeding cars that days.

Mr Pomey added that there was an officer was inside the vehicle to move it if needed and no inconvenience was caused for drivers or pedestrians.

Photo by Loadmaster (David R. Tribble) https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10592201

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