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Swiss feeling more insecure after recent attacks

Local News // Aug. 4, 2016
Swiss feeling more insecure after recent attacks

The recent terror attacks in France and Germany have led to feelings of insecurity amongst 75 per cent of people in Switzerland, according to a new survey.

The newspaper, 20 minutes, asked more than 18,000 people across the country how safe they felt, however more than half said they did not fear for their lives.

Despite this, most people now feel that an attack in Switzerland is no longer impossible and 64 per cent were even willing to give up a certain amount of liberty to feel safer.

58% said they would not avoid locations such as railway stations, airports and stadiums.

Only 11% of respondents said they felt adequately protected at present, an indication of public opinion ahead of the September 25th referendum on changes to the Federal Intelligence Act.

This would give the Swiss intelligence service more powers to gather information, including monitoring, recording and analysing the private conversations of citizens.

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