WRS Media Pack


Advertising with WRS couldn't be easier.


Our ratecard starts at CHF 1 per second and gets cheaper the more adverts that you buy. 



All ads are aired between 06:30 - 22:00 


Additional costs: 

Advert with 1 voice : CHF 480

Advert with 2 voices : CHF 600


All prices are subject to TVA at 7.7%


We make it even easier with our packages that include on-air advertising, advert production and a web presence all rolled into one. 


Our packages change from time to time depending on availability. Sometimes we withdraw the packages if too many have been sold, but they can be booked in advance. 

These are the current packages we have on offer:  





Did you know that 1 in 4 people in Switzerland do not speak a national Swiss language?? Instead they communicate in English...


We’re the only media company in Switzerland that connects you with the huge Anglophone and international community across combined on-air and digital advertising. 


On-air + online + on mobile + social media 


If you want to make a change in your business, launch your brand into the market or promote your event, advertise on WRS to keep it simple and reach anglophones near you. Call us on 022 575 25 50, or contact us



"I have looked at the website traffic and it was off the chart!!! 

You really turned up the heat on this, THANK YOU so much."

Ramona Azarnia, CEO of ArkoSwiss, producer of Hotbin in response to an on-air

competition we did as part of a multi-month advertising campaign. 


"I am so impressed with the way the advertising worked – running a competition was a fantastic way to introduce my business. I really liked the way Katt and Mark engaged listeners around the pronunciation, meaning and spelling of Aroha!"

- Philippa Benninger, Aroha Wine





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