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  • 03/10/2020
  • Bâtiment ARCOOP, rue des Noirettes 32, Carouge, 1227, Switzerland
  • 0786901082
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Since its beginnings, Ensemble Vide has invited soloists and ensembles to participate in its projects. It is even the team’s DNA! Thus, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the association, what could be more normal than a big meeting, and more over, twice! The first, in Geneva, brings together three ensembles of five musicians, a triple quintet or a large ensemble depending on the music, and an exceptional soloist in the person of Simon Höfele on trumpet. Each will invest the ARCOOP building and experiment with multiple crossovers: firstly between repertoires, with the presence of young 21st century composers, as well as illustrious ancestors such as Henry Purcell, then between acoustic music and electronics. This idea is also carried out between people, with musicians from all over Switzerland and from Germany who get together and discover, along with the audience, the sublime acoustics of the industrial building. With: Geneva Brass Quintet Many Many Oboes Ensemble Valéik and Simon Höfele, trumpet

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