#ticinomoments to be engraved on your memory

Life is made up of moments to be savoured, felt, touched and experienced.

Ticino offers countless little moments, each with its own special features, colours and scents. Moments to be engraved on your memory, so that you never forget the great emotions you experienced.

Set off on a journey and create your own personal mosaic of #ticinomoments.

Between past and present

The Castles of Bellinzona have been declared UNESCO World Heritage, while the architectural works of Mario Botta, originally from Mendrisio, are deemed to be truly excellent on an international level.

Inside the fortress, Bellinzona market is the quintessential meeting point, the perfect spot for a chat in a friendly atmosphere and to discover local products.

Ticino is the ideal place in which to be carried away by a past that is as remote as it is present, enjoying the charm of the area’s culture, both past and present.













Delightful #ticinomoments

A dish needs to be enjoyed with your senses: smell to breathe in its fragrance, taste to experience its flavour, sight to appreciate its aesthetics and touch to take in its texture. And if it’s savoured with a glass of excellent Merlot, this combination of perceptions becomes truly unforgettable.

Ticino’s food and wine offering ranges from typical grottos to Michelin-star restaurants, able to inspire unique sensations.













Special offers for unlimited emotions

Take advantage of an unmissable offer valid until the end of October and start dreaming about the little moments and big emotions that await you.

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