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WRS summer schedule: 27 July- 28 August

WRS // July 23, 2015

Starting on Monday 27th July, WRS will be moving to a summer schedule so the team can enjoy the sun.

WRS summer schedule: 27 July- 28 August

We'll have one show during the week, from 0800-1200 - hosted at times by Mark, Tony and Katt.

Programme elements, such as Dig It!, Kids in Mind, Lear More etc - will also be taking a break over the summer.

So, how the weekday will look during August:

0500-0730: BBC News

0730-0800: WRS Music

0800-1200: Summer Show with a combination of Mark, Tony and Katt. Local news at 0830 and 0930.

1200-1300: BBC Outside Source

1800-1900: BBC News

Rest of schedule remains the same.

Have a great summer!

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