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Word of Mouth - Tintin & famous Piccards

Entertainment // Oct. 18, 2016

This week Garry Littman has been investigating Europe's most famous detective journalist. His name is Tintin - the hero of cartoon book adventures, written and illustrated by Hergé.

Word of Mouth - Tintin & famous Piccards

One of Tintin's sidekicks is Professor Calculus. He's a brilliant, but very absent-minded, half-deaf physicist, inventor and Tintin's friend.

His character was inspired by a real life Swiss scientist, the extraordinary Auguste Antoine Piccard (1884–1962); physicist, aeronaut, deep sea explorer born in Basel.

Hergé revealed in an interview that Professor Calculus was a small scale version of Professor Piccard. Garry Littman tells us why...

Each week Garry Littman brings you some of the most curious facts from the most interesting tales of Swiss history and individuals. Garry uncovers truth behind the legends and Swiss folklore that make this country a far more intriguing and fascinating place than you could have ever imagined.

Word of Mouth is bought to you by Garry Littman from The Language House, which offers English language training in Geneva and English language immersion courses around the world.

You can hear a new episode of Word of Mouth every Tuesday morning at 10:20am during the Mid Morning Mix and repeated throughout the week.

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