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Word of Mouth - The King's Bottom

Word of Mouth // Health // Oct. 13, 2016

Today Garry Littman would like to talk to you about a bottom. No ordinary bottom, but a king’s bottom; and no ordinary king, but the most regal of French kings - the Sun King.

King Louis' behind first came to prominence on January 15, 1685 when his Royal physicians discovered an unusual swelling. The king couldn't ride or sit comfortably on his throne.

He was suffering from a most royal pain in the butt.

Each week Garry Littman brings you some of the most curious facts from the most interesting tales of Swiss history and individuals. Garry uncovers truth behind the legends and Swiss folklore that make this country a far more intriguing and fascinating place than you could have ever imagined.

Word of Mouth is brought to you by Garry Littman from The Language House, offering English Language training in Geneva and English language immersion courses around the world. Visit www.tlh.ch

Hear a new episode from Garry Littman each Tuesday morning at 10:40am (CEST) during the Mid Morning Mix show, repeated throughout the week. You can listen worldwide on www.worldradio.ch. You'll also find more from Garry on www.worldradio.ch/features/

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