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Why you should see Shakepeare's Twelfth Night in a castle setting, rain or shine.

Mid Morning Mix // Events// Art & Culture // June 7, 2017


ADG-Europe perform theatre in castles and courtyards throughout Europe every year.

This year the performance will be of Shakespeare's comedy Twelfth Night; arguably his greatest comedy. The play explores the great obsessions of human life: love, jealousy, class, gender, greed and passion. And if it explores the serious within us, it also revels in merriment; drinking has a key place in the play, along with song and laughter in all it's forms. Melancholic wit and slapstick are both found here.

The enemy of laughter is the butt of the play's humour: Malvolio is the Puritain, a spoil sport in the palaces of fun. Swashbuckling Sir Toby Belch provides the joy. Maria is mischevious and Feste may be a clown, but he is wise.

TNT, directed by Paul Stebbings, have been producing Shakespeare's comedies worldwide for over 10 years to great acclaim. This year, they'll be touring from June through September at 55 locations. Some of the Swiss Highlights include the Lenzburg Castle (6 & 7 June), Chateau de Chillon (8 June), Chateau de Prangins (9 & 10 June) and Oberhofen Castle (21 June) - all Swiss shows start at 19:30. A full breakdown of the European tour dates and locations can be found here.

Paul Stebbings tells Mid Morning Mix presenter Katt Cullen why castle courtyards make wonderful theatres...






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