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Why to say 'yes' to museum spend?- Expats will have a say

Art & Culture // Feb. 12, 2016

At the end of the month voters in the Ville de Geneve will be deciding if tax payers should stump up half of the CHF 130m needed to renovate the Art and History Museum.
The money would bring the building up to date and double the exhibition space.

Why to say 'yes' to museum spend?- Expats will have a say

But some say it’s too much and there should be other priorities for the city.

Charlotte de Senarclens, who’s the president of the Society of Friends to the Art and History museum who says it’s a great opportunity to get the work done as the private sector will pay half – if voters reject the idea that money will disappear.

Mark Butcher started by asking Charlotte why does the museum need all the work?

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