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What's the last picture you took?

Art & Culture // Aug. 19, 2015

It's international photography day so celebrate the lens and send us a picture.

What's the last picture you took?

If you have a smart phone then send us the last picture you took - whatever that may be. No really, whatever it is.

Or, send us a picture from your day today at studio@worldradio.ch

An art picture of statues taken in Montreux - Kemal

The Brass Tap - Round Rock, Texas - our very own Mark Butcher

Garden Arch - Niki

Friends on Penrhos golf course, UK - Tyrian

Rope bridge in Northern Ireland - Rosaleen

Sean the sheep in the pool in Corsica - Elizabeth

Tilly the Alligator - Nicole

Ballet practice in Montreux - Keza

Tucking in the Jack Russel for the night - Carol

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