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What's on at the UN? Investigator Françoise Hampton explains worrying developments in Burundi

UN Roundup // Politics// General // Sept. 17, 2018
  • Image: Françoise Hampton, Member of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi briefs the press, Palais des Nations. 5 September 2018.
  • Photo by Violaine Martin
  • Used with the permission of the United Nations Information Service


The Human Rights Council enters its second week and today Member States are discussing alleged rights abuses in Burundi – as detailed by the Commission of Inquiry on the Great Lakes state. UN-appointed Investigator Françoise Hampton explains that one of the most worrying developments was the fact that summary executions are still happening, but now the victims’ bodies are being taken away. You can read the full report online.

The Human Rights Council is also discussing rights violations in Syria this year and in South Sudan, where there’s a new peace deal. It is broadcast online at webtv.un.org

The 21st September was designated as the International Day of Peace by the UN – an opportunity to strengthen peace within and among nations and people. This is the sixth edition of the event and this year’s theme is “Peace without Borders”. As Daniel explains, it's an opportunity to hear from speakers who’ve got experience from the field to demonstrate how everyone can make a difference in their everyday lives – it’s just a matter of recognizing how you can help! The event takes place from 4:30pm - 6pm and registration is required in advance. 

There is also a dramatic photo exhibition on violent extremism by Door 40 opening tomorrow (Tuesday 18th September) which is open to the public. 

And finally, a chance to celebrate the life of Kofi Annan at the UN in Geneva a week on Thursday 27th September. (Registration also required). The UN's Director General Michael Moller spoke about Mr Annan’s "rock star personality" and it's generally agreed, people flocked to the former Secretary General. He was one of the last wise men of the world, as Mr Moller said. The event starts at 10am.



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