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What's on at the UN? International Labour Organization (ILO) talking PPE

UN Roundup // Politics// General // April 27, 2020

Today, the International Labour Organization (ILO)holds a press conference on protecting workers as Covid-19 lockdowns ease.

In today's discussion with Daniel, we'll also hear from ILO chief Guy Ryder who spoke about this topic at the @UN75 online debate last Friday.

Ryder said- “We have to find ways of not putting people in front of the impossible choice: protecting themselves against the virus, isolation by staying at home, and by so doing removing any possible source of income and survival that they may have. And this is, unfortunately, the very dramatic reality we risk confronting many people with...It’s a simple issue of social protection; we need to get not tomorrow but today, direct transfers of cash and resources of these people desperately in need.”

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