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What's on at the UN? - International Day of Women and Girls in Science

UN Roundup // Science & Technology// Politics // Feb. 11, 2019


Daniel Johnson and Katt Cullen take a look at the tech innovation set to save the UN food agency - World Food Programme - millions in delivering aid. So far, Optimus has saved WFP US$30 million in the operations where it is being used and tested, and is expected to increase annual savings by as much as US$100 million once it is rolled out more broadly. We hear from Josh Harris at Palantir technologies. 

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. UN Geneva is holding a public event around the periodic table (it's its 150th anniversary!). Anyone interested in science & design - or simply curious to see what it’s all about can still register and attend today at the Palais des Nations, Cinema, Room XIV at 3:30pm for what promises to be an engaging, interactive, and fun event.

We also take a look at the long-term care for survivors of mine blasts in Afghanistan and the conditions that some survivors have been living in in Afghanistan and Cambodia. 

Finally, Daniel takes a look ahead to the live broadcast programmed for this Wednesday 13th February. This year's themes will be Dialogue, Tolerance & Peace.


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